Phased Out – Part 1

Episode / On-Going Story 20

Starshot's amazing powers have for once done her a disservice. When her friends beamed to Sanctuary her strange physiology held her back. Now she is at the mercy of the Announcer and a new villain called 'The Anvil', what will become of her?


Starshot is stuck in a stasis field and the very unpleasant Announcer has some questions for her. Unfortunately for our heroine, her power appears to have stopped her from getting teleported to Sanctuary with Celestia and the others. She is now one of the only ‘conspirators’ the Crown Prince can reach. She either answers questions or she gets hurt. Who will hurt her? A new villain called ‘The Anvil’ has volunteered for that spot.

The fight ensues and Starshot shows what a great fighter she can be, but it is clear that victory is simply not a possibility, this fight is rigged. Will Starshot give up the information she has? Or will she fight to the bitter end?

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