Episode / On-Going Story 27

It's a race to get hold of a huge chunk of cut Redstone... The Masked Man arrives first but is held up by a guard, before he can leave with the bounty Spectrum is there. This stone is so powerful it appears capable of calling the shots as the heroine and villain duke it out!


Despite the efforts of the Crown Prince with his sleeper cell of Comet Girl, Sonica was able to return to Sanctuary with a damaged but workable disc on Redstone locations. Spectrum has now been dispatched to bring back the largest chunk of cut Redstone anywhere, but she is in a race against the Masked Man to get it. Had he not been held up by a guard then Spectrum wouldn’t have got there in time.

Now Spectrum and Masked Man meet again and duke it out for a stone so powerful it appears to be causing both combatants problems. Spectrum uses most of her powers in an effort to win the stone, but the Masked Man knows her weaknesses inside and out and is keen to exploit them. Who wins the stone?

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