Episode / On-Going Story 28

Bluebird's fall has been dramatic, a public defeat followed by galaxy-wide auctions leave her seemingly broken at the feet of Sister Fate. The Crown Prince has even worse in mind however, Bluebird could be the key to turning all heroines into mind slaves. Can she stop this evil plan?


Trapped in the 7th Dimension for many, many years, Bluebird has been auctioned around the galaxy thousands of times as ‘flesh for hire’ to any deviant or criminal scum willing to pay. With her value now depleted she returns to her Mistress, Sister Fate. The villainess’ tastes have not changed over time as she still gets her kicks by cruelly assaulting the Blue Beauty in the lowest way, a blatant show of dominance and ownership. When Sister Fate tires finally and threatens to kill Bluebird it sounds like mercy to the broken heroine. However, the Crown Prince has other ideas. Having acquired a large mass of Redstone he plans to destroy all heroines by pulling their pre-powered selves from time and turning them into mind-slaves, contaminating all those who remain in Sanctuary. A plain-clothed and innocent Sarah Harper replaces Bluebird in the space and Sister Fate delights in her corruption. Will Bluebird become an eternal mind-slave? Or will Sarah’s innocence defeat evil?

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