Tomorrow’s Villainy Today

Villain Network / Season 4 1

Tomorrow's Villainy Today looks at the latest in villainous gadgetry for the high-rollers among our viewership to get their hands on. We've enlisted the help of Infinity Girl to demonstrate... If 'enlisted' is the correct word.


Well done. You have qualified for access to the Villain Network. Our mission is to inform, educate, and enjoy. By sharing our ideas with people as dastardly as you, we are able to bring closer the day where all superheroines are laid to waste and subjugation. So what do we have for this evenings viewing?

Our science/shopping show ‘Tomorrow’s Villainy Today’ looks into some of the current trends in villainous gadgetry. From the De-Moralizer to the Bimbofier 3000, no heroine is safe when encountering a villain this tooled up. Infinity Girl has been acquired for this broadcast and we use her to show you the possibilities. Controlling heroines in just the way you like has never been so easy. Don’t forget to download… We may have to shut the network at any moment…

For Mature Viewers Only   •   Comic Book Violence   •   Male vs. Female Combat  •   Strong Language   •   Contains Win & Lose Endings

Running Time:  11 Minutes 56 Seconds  •   Format:  MP4 Video   •   Resolution:  1280 x 720   •   File Size:  268 MB   •   Delivery:  Instant Download   •   Price:  $17.95 USD

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