Villain Network / Season 4 11

Virtue has been signed up by TV show 'Super Fights' to interview the infamous 'Duke Durkees', an MMA fighter known for killing opponents and his arrogant, chauvinistic views. Virtue shows him how strong women can be, but then things go badly wrong as she falls into the Bimbo-Trap!


Virtue is given the opportunity to present TV show ‘Super Fights’ and is interviewing Duke Durkees, a chauvinistic MMA fighter famed for ‘accidentally’ killing opponents. The whole idea is to wind Duke up by having him interviewed by a heroine that he mistakenly challenges her to a fight. The plan works.

Virtue wastes little time in making Duke look silly, beating him pillar to post and enjoying every second of teaching this man a lesson. Unfortunately for Virtue though, this is really a Villain Network ruse. Duke is given some Redstone to fight back with and not only does he physically deal with Virtue, but he also turns her into a total airhead who is in love with him. Poor Virtue is made a fool of on global TV.

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