Secret Destroyer

Season 4 / Solo mission 45

Alias is lured by a series of notes into a very dangerous place by someone who wants to bring about her destruction. First challenge; an enhanced Drone! Alias uses both Lady Victory and Shadowstar forms to stop it, but even that may not be enough, and even if she can best the metal monster, what other shocks lie in wait?


Alias has been lured to a dangerous place by a series of notes that turn out to be from someone who wants to see her demise. By getting her into the room, this shady unknown can unleash an enhanced Drone to crush her. She begins in plain clothes and is no match for the metal monster, so she turns to Lady Victory form in the hopes of overpowering the beast, but even then she struggles. Lastly, she turns to a new form taught to her by Killscape himself; Shadowstar. She tries desperately to use the energy drain to stop the Drone in its tracks, but still it fights back. Can she find a way to beat it? And even if she does, what else lies in wait?


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