Sell or Destroy?

Season 4 / Solo mission 57

It could finally be the end for Alias as the Masked Man sets a trap for her where he decides her fate. He can either sell her for huge profits, or kill her and restore the value of the captives that he already has. Decisions, decisions. Alias meanwhile must fight off poison and a Drone holding the antidote while he decides! Will she be sold? Or Destroyed?


Alias is lured into the Masked Man’s devious trap and placed in mortal danger, allowing him to choose whether to sell her into galactic slavery, or finish her for good. It begins with a poisoning, as the blonde in Bluebird form must use the second wind to stave off the venom, and fight a Drone for the antidote. Even if she can secure it, the choice will be between saving herself and innocent members of the public also poisoned. She switches to Shadowstar form to try and drain the Drone in time, but if it runs out, the poison will make the Masked Man’s choice for him. Be in no doubt that the Masked Man would have no qualms about killing her. The existence of a superheroine who possesses so many powers cheapens the value of all other heroines, however, capturing and selling Alias would result in a large short-term gain if he takes that route. The stakes couldn’t be higher for Alias. Will she be sold? Or destroyed?


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