Special Measures

Episode / On-Going Story 38

Captain Liberty has been taking her secret pills for sometime to counteract Equilibrium's injections, but the fallout is catching up with her, and when she gets into an altercation with Alaric, she learns there is far more to Equilibrium than she imagined!


Captain Liberty has been defying her agreement with Equilibrium for some time, by using enhancement pills to temporarily bypass their power suppressing injections. She is determined to get on with her work and root out criminal dangers, however, one danger may be a step too far… Alaric. The infamous Darkheart Leader is ready for her as she arrives, but he is surprised by her power initially. It is only when the pills begin to wear off that things go badly wrong for our heroine. Not only that, Alaric has a shocking revelation that will shake Elite Force to the core. What is it? Find out now…

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