Suggested Leader

Season 4 / Solo mission 53

Majesty & Wonderstrike think that they are in a full-powered fight with one another over the leadership crown of Elite Force. Both are ambitious and prepared to do what it takes against an opponent they don't know well, but it turns out the Force aren't being completely straight with them, and it is really a hypnotic test for Majesty to overcome, or not.


Elite Force, what is left of it, summon Wonderstrike & Majesty to duke it out for the leadership position, under the watchful eye of an assessor. Both heroines are ambitious and are happy to go into full-powered combat against the other to be leader of Elite Force, but as they fight and Majesty begins to win, ulterior motives are uncovered. The assessor uses hypnotic techniques to control Majesty through the fight, overpowered her mind, and making her suggestible. Wonderstrike is ordered to continue fighting, battering Majesty, and ultimately delivering a Wonder-blast against a defenceless opponent. Is a new Elite Force leader crowned?


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