The Acolyte

Episode / On-Going Story 60

Lady X is introduced to a new Guardian teammate called 'The Acolyte', as her master Killscape demands a sparring match between them to see just how strong the Acolyte is. Unfortunately for Lady X, this masked monster isn't playing fair, knowing that if he crushes her, his stock will rise. While defeat will spell huge trouble for Lady X as Killscape loses patience with her.


With the global infection abating, and the suspicion that it was entirely orchestrated rife, many are looking to point fingers at who could be responsible. Feeling vulnerable to such accusations is Killscape. As head of Equilibrium, a corporation large enough to carry such a plan out, he decides to put a ring of steel around him. He introduces Lady X to his newest Guardian… The Acolyte. He wants to see how the new recruit ranks against his established team, and she will take part in a sparring session. However, Acolyte has other ideas. He knows that if he manages to crush Lady X in front of the watching Killscape, he will be given greater powers. It turns out he is as vicious as they come, and Lady X is in real peril. How much? Find out now…


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