The Spoils of Chaos – Part 1

Episode / On-Going Story 47

New heroine 'Ubiquity' uses her invisibility to catch two villains discussing a criminal conspiracy, but when she blows her own cover to arrest them she meets fierce resistance. Without a group to call for back-up, what chance does the solo superheroine have? She's certainly brave, but is it enough?


With Equilibrium heavily on the back-foot, and Elite Force seemingly disbanded, there is a power vacuum in place that begs to be exploited. Enter Arantxa Luner, using her famous name to make contacts in the criminal underworld. She meets with the Duke, a man who seems to know everybody, and pitches a conspiracy. Unfortunately for the two villains, a superheroine was listening; Ubiquity. Fighting for justice, this brave young warrior uses invisibility to get the better of opponents, but has she over-reached this time? There’s no-one to help her if she has.


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