The Spoils of Chaos – Part 2

Episode / On-Going Story 48

Ubiquity after being KO'd in Part 1, wakes in a stasis prison, surrounded by force fields. Arantxa decides to torture the heroine, but takes things too far and enables her escape. A brutal 2 v 1 fight follows and Ubiquity learns that escape is her only option. Arantxa can't afford that, but one torture device may have saved her...


Having been knocked out by Arantxa & The Duke in part 1, Ubiquity wakes in a stasis field prison cell, surrounded by force fields she cannot escape. Things get far worse when Arantxa decides to use the stasis field to torture Ubiquity to such an extent that her powers are seemingly altered and she can step out of the prison, but her problems aren’t over as battle is joined once more. The villains are merciless in a 2 v 1 fight that our heroine knows she cannot win alone. Ubiquity needs to get out of there to tell the world Arantxa’s plan… if she can remember it.


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