The Wrath of Lady Nemesis

Season 4 / Solo mission 38

Alias appears to have a very successful debut mission. But the criminals she has foiled want swift revenge and assign Lady Nemesis to the contract. Alias might have the powers of a dozen heroines, but she isn't a match for one of the galaxies finest 'will-breakers', is she?


Alias scores a huge success on her debut as she makes an important drugs bust. So important in fact, that the empire she has inconvenienced is paying through the nose for revenge. Enter Lady Nemesis, a Dark Goddess and notorious ‘will-breaker’. Her contract is the young blonde and she is going to squash her for the client. Alias is unaware of galactic will-breakers, and is confident of victory against this mysterious shrouded woman. Her confidence is misplaced. Alias can transform into an array of Elite Force heroines and has synthetic versions of their powers to call on. Against this foe however, all the powers combined still wouldn’t be enough. Does Alias get crushed on her debut?


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