Tough Justice 3

Villain Network / Season 4 12

Vice is a reluctant entrant into 'Tough Justice 3' where she faces down Malicia Divine. Things start well, and VTV just can't have that so a switch with Virtue is enacted and things start to go badly. Then Dr Progress enters and the Vice/Virtue pairing is in deep trouble!


Vice enters the VTV arena and the Ex-Mayor of Lockdown City is ready for her as first she takes on Malicia Divine. Unfortunately it appears as Vice her power works well over Malicia, so the Mayor turns her into Virtue and Malicia boxes her to a humiliating KO. At this point Dr Progress is added to proceedings, but he struggles against Virtue so the Mayor turns her into Vice and the Dr unleashes hell on the anti-heroines body with stretches and racks. It seems the odds are stacked against Vice and Virtue no matter what, perhaps the Mayor will show clemency? Or perhaps Vice and Virtue were destined to be Ko’d and embarrassed.

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