Season 4 / Solo mission 75

Solaris gets conned into putting herself in unknown danger when responding to an investigation into a common criminal. Instead, she encounters Acolyte, a demonic soul who dreams of destroying gods. He has long planned for their encounter and using a device that emits a frequency of light that weakens her, he takes his chance to fulfil his wicked ambition. Can Solaris overcome his cruelty? Or will her days as a deity end in defeat?


Solaris is drawn by false information to a place where she expects to catch a common criminal, only to find that Acolyte has sprung a trap. However, she is a Sun Goddess, and this masked fiend is many things, but one of them is mortal. Solaris expects an easy fight and shows off her solar flare and fighting prowess. Acolyte has been planning her defeat for a long time though, he has found a light frequency that will drain her energy, making her little more than mortal, and weaker than him. From here, Acolyte extracts a cruel revenge, treating the Goddess like dirt, and causing her immense pain… but he isn’t finished. The light that weakens her will play a part in on-going misery she cannot escape from. How bad does it get? Find out now…


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