Visitor – Part 1

Episode / On-Going Story 41

Celestia, still under Equilibrium's thumb, is called to verify a device that Anvil wishes to sell to the multinational conglomerate. Celestia has beef with Anvil however, and a fight starts. Pandora Gold, apparent CEO of Equilibrium demands Celestia help her use the powerful device, or she and her team-mates will be crushed.


After the Anvil betrayed Requiem and stole her dimensional rip device, he needs to find a buyer. He goes straight to the top of Equilibrium, where he finds Pandora Gold. She’s interested in the device, but needs an expert to verify its authenticity, and she only knows one; Celestia. Our retired superheroine arrives in battle costume, more interested in beating up the Anvil for what he has likely done to the Deceptress since his imprisonment. Pandora demands that Celestia help her to use the product for Equilibrium’s ends, if she refuses then Pandora, Anvil, and new associate the Duke, will pummel Celestia into submission. The heroine is ready for the fight, but can she take the pain that comes with it?


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