Weakness Creation

Season 4 / Solo mission 72

Killscape makes Solaris an offer to join his Guardian Angel faction. She isn't interested. Killscape is prepared for the snub and using a powerful weapon controlled by Acolyte behind the scenes, he causes lasting damage to Solaris' equilibrium (ironically). The Sun Goddess is now given a permanent weakness where she can be easily KO'd by anyone. Will this mean the end of her heroic career?


The mighty ‘Sun Goddess’ Solaris has been making waves globally with her uncompromising attitude to virtue and peace, and Killscape has noticed. The alluring blonde could make the perfect addition to his ‘Guardian Angels’ faction, if she will accept his mastery over her. They meet and unsurprisingly Solaris isn’t interested in his offer. Killscape planned for this, with the help of Acolyte behind the scenes, they use a weapon on Solaris that greatly diminishes her equilibrium, causing her to be knocked out with ease. What’s worse, the damage is permanent, creating a weakness for her that will destroy her heroic career. Obviously Killscape must test this thoroughly, knocking Solaris out over, and over again. How bad does it get for the Goddess? Find out now…


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