Who Will Be My Bride?

Villain Network / Season 4 25

Lady X and Shining Spirit are given the dubious honour of trying to impress Nemesis with their fighting skills so that he may choose their body to be possessed by his wife, Lady Nemesis, and all for the cameras of the Villain Network! Needless to say, both heroines are really fighting for their lives! Can they succeed against darkness?


Here follows a transmission from Ex-Mayor Killscape:


“When the Dark God Nemesis informed me that his wife had evaporated I was only too happy to help. He needed a strong host for her to possess and come back to him, so naturally I proposed superheroines. Far weaker than him of course, but more durable than a normal mortal. Lady X and Shining Spirit were the standout candidates, young and flexible, and beautifully naive. They will work perfectly for this new show. We captured them and informed them that they need to fight Lord Nemesis to impress him as a potential host body. Of course, they are fighting for their own lives, but that doesn’t matter. Which of them will be selected?”


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