Reputational Damage – Final Previews

OUT ALREADY for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… Shining Spirit’s public reputation is on the line as a simple shutdown of a brothel turns into a dangerous battle she never expected. Will Acolyte’s wicked ways tarnish her forever? Find out now! (If you are a Member).


  • Excellent video! 🙂
    Awesome performances and action throughout. Particularly loved the section where Shining Spirit is fighting while cuffed. Her skill at fighting and stunts is jaw-dropping. She’s always a pleasure to watch.
    Major props to the Acolyte actor, too, who injected so much personality into his body language and mannerisms that it really brought him to life. (Only guessing, but I’m thinking it was the same guy who plays the Duke, who always gives a great performance)
    Awesome endings. Those humiliating “breaking news” endings are a lot of fun, and I loved how she played it.

    Stunning photo set, too. Especially looking gorgeous posing with that piano.

  • Random observation, as heroines seem to be taking the “escape” ending a bit more recently. Which makes sense, especially here, considering pride is one of the deadly sins. Made me think of an old video (i cant remember which one…a Bluebird one maybe?) where the heroine eyes the door but decides to stay in the fight and loses. Hopefully Acolyte learns his lesson about toying with his opponents!

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