Reputational Damage – Trailer

Out on FRIDAY for Members, Sunday on this website… Shining Spirit attempts to shut down a ‘den of vice’ – the kind of establishment that disgusts her, only to find the owner is the twisted Acolyte. At meeting point, he is unknown to her, but as things progress, she gets to know him, and his abilities, all too well!


  • It doesn’t look like he turns invisible at any point, using Ubiquity’s stolen powers. Which is a bit of a shame a bit of a missed trick in my mind (unless I am mistaken)

    BUT! A very minimal gripe as overall this loos fantastic and an immediate buy from me. I think anything with Acolyte is going to be at this rate.

    • ThatΒ΄s a big reason why I think S2 Ep 8 where Angel gets completely destroyed by Luner is so great! Guy even uses her own cape to tie her hands and crush her in a bearhug. Costume destruction in that was a benchmark for me!

  • I do love it when heroines beg after receiving a beating. “No”, “Stop”, “Wait”, “Please”, “Let me go” are all music to my ears. Especially when the more powerful heroines say it. It makes for a wonderfully humbling experience for the heroine.

  • My personal opinion, it’s a pity this is not a fully one sided beatdown on her. This actress is always at her best when performing taking hits from others, especially when being facepunched.

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