Revival – Trailer

Out on FRIDAY for Members, Sunday on this website… In “Revival,” Firebrand, a bold heroine, revives Elite Force amidst governmental disdain. Facing grave danger from Victor Mortis and the powerful Seth Evervale, she battles overwhelming odds. As Seth’s strength grows, Firebrand’s survival and mission to combat crime become perilously uncertain.


  • Ah, it is Seth Everdale! I wasn’t sure based on the preview images. Fantastic, glad to see him again as well.

  • Looks awesome! Really looking forward to this, especially given how great she was in her AC video.

    Props to the sound effects too. That *Pting!* when Victor’s head hits the metal beam really tickled me 😆 I had to keep replaying that

  • As much as I love the look of capes, specially longer ones like the one here and not like the second Deceptress outfit, I also hope we get to see this cape used against her or removed mid fight.

    In fact I wouldn´t hate a heroine who has a more imposing pre-combat look with a cape like some wrestlers or boxers entering the ring do but removes it before the fight. The Majesty costume could be great for that idea, like a royal cape with some fluffly trim and all!

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