Rogue Brother – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… Shining Spirit thinks she is going to dress down a warped internet troll in person… Instead she is being lured into a trap by the powerful and clearly twisted Seth Evervale, a man whose loathing of how he got his own powers, turns him against anyone whose powers are synthetic. He absorbs her light and her blows, each one giving him strength. By the time she cottons on to this, it might be too late! Does Shining Spirit prevail? Or is this a terrible defeat for her?


  • Excellent!
    The Shining Spirit actress gave an amazing performance, especially her righteous anger at the threats to her family.
    Awesome action throughout. She gets in enough hits to remind us just how skilled she is, but she’s clearly overwhelmed from the start, particularly when her own attacks only fuel Seth further.
    And a great debut for the new bad guy. Obviously his height alone makes him an imposing figure, in the league of Qaran Casus. Some of the camera angles really emphasised how tiny Shining Spirit looked in contrast. I thought he gave a good performance too, and it would be great to see him return.

    Wonderful photo set, with lots of stunning shots of Shining Spirit, and plenty cool action.

  • Lots of good fight scenes in this one. The plot thickens about Seth’s character which hopefully gets answered in a future episode 🙂

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