Rookie Corruption – 1st Previews

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Rookie Corruption’ sees the debut of Galaxia, who decides to make her mark against Sin, fresh from a heist and enjoying her ill-gotten gains. For a rookie, Galaxia is supremely confident in her training and powers, capable of teleportation and the ability to rewind time briefly while she has the energy, it makes her a formidable heroine. However, Sin herself is not without power, using the deadly sins to alter the capability and mind of her opponent. Can Galaxia withstand anger, greed, and lust?


    • Yeah, it’s very much like Kitana’s nostalgic costume in Mortal Kombat or at least a variation of it. Not that I’m complaining. This little number fits the actress perfectly.

      • Mortal Kombat 3 costume to be precise. Probably my fav version of her costumes ever since it was one of my most played games as a kid! So absolutely in love with this!

  • Sounds awesome! Looks awesome! Especially that last image 😀

    (I will miss Sin’s shiny red boots though. Those are my favourites 😉 )

  • This looks to be a stunning debut for Galaxia. Loved the actress in her Action Cosplay Amazon persona so am really looking forward to seeing her in action as this new heroine. And going up against another woman, for the first time! In that marvelous costume! Friday sure is a long way off!

  • Ohhhhh yeahhhh,
    Une nouvelle héroïne, qui va sûrement se faire contrôler avec un collier de contrôle !
    J’espère que cela se produiras

  • Never before has a costume been such an instant buy for me (and you have had many amazing ones over the years)

    As a 90’s kid I grew up playing fighting games in the arcades! And seeing my favorite version of the costume of my favorite girl from that franchise is a proper dream come true!! MK3 is a proper childhood treasure and Kitana always made me feel weird as a kid so this is so cool on so many levels for me!
    Wish she had her mask as well for a bit in the video but don’t think that would be practical for a heroine! Still super thankful for this!

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