Rookie Corruption – More Previews

Out TOMORROW for Members, Sunday on this website… Galaxia makes her debut against a powerful villainess. The rookie heroine is very confident of victory, but Sin is a wily villainess who preys on young minds and shows how powerful she is. Will Galaxia’s confidence prove unfounded? Will her first mission end in humiliating defeat?


  • She looked extremely cute in the pink fitness teacher outift, supremely badass in the red Astral Amazon outfit (hope i’m not remembering her name wrong) and now knocks it out of the park in sexyness with this MK suit!! Hope she stays a long time with you, she looks supervb in each outing and seems to be able to act and sell moves as week as dish them out!

  • Sin looks great, would love to see a video where she is really defeated. She looks awesome in that tight black outfit.

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