Saints & Sinners – Final Previews

OUT ALREADY for out Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… ‘Saints & Sinners’ is a battle of almost two halves as the villains duke it out until they forge their alliance, and then take on Shining Spirit in a 2 v 1 takedown. Snare loves nothing more than tying up a helpless heroine and calling the news networks to find them in that state, and he’s pretty determined to do that here…



  • First off, I always love hearing the OG music, really takes me back! Very cool use of Sin’s powers here, in both fights. And I liked seeing more character work from Shining Spirit, I think it’s such a cool idea for a heroine and I do want to see more from her. And I can’t forget Snare, who might be my personal favorite conceptual villain (and another character I want to see more from, i like the paranoid turn he’s taken). A winning combination all around here!

  • Awesome video!
    All three gave amazing performances.
    I loved the fight at the start between Sin and Snare. I always enjoy that you can change it up a bit, and do something a little different, and seeing the villains fight is a bit of a rarity. Off the top of my head, I can think of Malicia and Doctor Progress, and maybe a bit of Rex and Miss Suppression.
    But Sin and Snare really go at it. And both are such great characters and amazing performers, that they fully hold the scene without a heroine being present. Awesome fight, with each of them getting chance to shine.

    And then Shining Spirit turns up, and knocks it out of the park, showing off everything I love about the actress. Spectacular action, both dishing it out (she’s such an amazing kicker!) and taking it.
    And, as CEEJ mentioned above, some great character work. The actress really had something to get her teeth into, acting out the added anger and pride that Sin was feeding her.

    Excellent photo set, too. Particularly not to be missed for any fan of Sin, who gets featured heavily (thank you for that 🙂 ) and plenty of action (and rope work) featuring all three characters.

  • I love this video. Reuniting this duo from AC is a terrific formula with Snare along to spice up the proceedings. It’s fun to see villains at odds, because their motives for opposing each other can be interesting and novel, but in this case it provides us with Sin in ropes, which is reason enough.
    Sin hopes to open an alliance with Snare, but he quickly and aggressively rejects the imposition, getting the action started right away. Sin looks great as usual, cool and hot at the same time, and it’s always good to see Snare. Their fight is really interesting, because they’re both sizing each other up as they spar and it’s neat to see Sin manipulating Snare (with her power and her wits) before she does the same to Shining Spirit.
    Speaking of whom… wow, glad to be reminded of how gorgeous Shining Spirit is. I called her the “total package” after her debut and is she ever. Incredibly convincing fighter, but equally compelling in defeat.
    As others have noted, the actress does good work with Shining Spirit’s motives and responses to the action. Pitting her against Sin makes total sense given SS’s pious attitude, but Sin’s power offers a perfect means to defeat her more than just physically. Snare’s MO adds to the assault on Shining Spirit’s sense of identity. I will never get tired of those endings, and SS looks *really good* in ropes!
    Don’t know if this was a one-off, but I’d love (really, really love) to see these two continue their campaign against the Guardian Angels. Imagine them against Patriot-Girl! She’d also be a superb target for Sin’s abilities and her ego could certainly use some restraint(s).

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