Saints & Sinners – TRAILER

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday for everyone else… ‘Saints & Sinners’ sees Shining Spirit drawn into the web of a shaky alliance between Sin and Snare, and having Sin toy with her mind, looking for weaknesses. Not to mention the solid fight between Sin and Snare before forging the alliance!


  • My only concern is I hope there is more Sin and Snare vs Shining Spirit than there is Sin vs Snare. The entire time Sin and Snare are fighting each other, I will be simply waiting for Shining Spirit to enter the fray.
    I will say the costume on Sin is way way WAY better than the one she wore as Chaotica.

    As others have mentioned I’m hoping for Shining Spirit to be on the wrong end of a one-sided-beatdown. Nobody in the current NGC Stable looks better on the losing end than Shining Spirit.

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