Searching for Back Up – 1st Previews

Alias returns to action when she overhears a dark conversation about Lady Atom between Malicia and Dark God Nemesis. Not knowing the danger she is in, she decides to take them both on. First of all in her Miss Freedom form. Her extra strength is useful against Malicia, but doesn’t even register against Nemesis and she takes a pounding. She decides she needs a quick heal and transforms into Athena form, and that’s when things REALLY go badly! Out Friday for Members, Sunday on this website.


  • Can’t wait!!!
    Alias has been amazing in all her videos (and photo sets), and I always look forward to seeing her. Especially excited to see her as Athena (that was one of the costumes I begged to see her in a while back… and WOW! she looks spectacular in it.)
    Also always awesome to see the divine Malicia Divine.

    And I was wondering what had happened to Lady Atom

  • I am SO thrilled to see Malicia back in action. The true class of villainy! And of course, Alias who has become a superstar in such a short amount of time. The previews look great, I’d buy it 3 times early if I could!

    And just some word vomit, might there ever be a video idea where Alias has been putting in a lot of work, so much work that she’s a bit worn out before a job? Like, she goes out to do what should be an easy mission for her, but ends up getting manhandled? Just a though. Keep up the great work, and thanks!

    • She’s incredibly hard to book. She is an extremely good dancer and is never out of work. We knew we’d not see her often, but she’s very talented and in high demand. Sadly for us, good for her.

      • RATS! I read the caption for the above post as a Lady Atom video might be coming soon (as in next week).
        Sorry to read that won’t be the case.

  • Oh yeah!! Seeing the Athena golden goddess costume make a comeback (with or without gladiator sandals, thise gold boots look awesome too!) Is a dream come true!
    Specially seeing Alias gets a pounding while wearing it. She has tons of potential to bring back some fan favourites!!

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