Searching for Back Up – Final Previews

OUT NOW for Members, Sunday on this website… Alias learns of Lady Atom’s galactic enslavement and swears revenge. Unfortunately, she swears it against Malicia and Nemesis at the same time! A valiant but foolish attempt to overcome the odds is cut down and she ends up begging for the villain’s mercy. She obviously doesn’t know these two well at all!


  • Loved it!
    Alias continues her run of amazing videos with another fabulous performance and lots of great action. She looks stunning in both costumes (and it was definitely a treat to see the Athena costume back in action)
    And, as ever, Malicia was a joy to watch, too

  • Liked this one alot. Chloro scene was one of your best. Thought alias’s unnatural sleeping face was a bit off though lol I know it’s a nitpick, but if you’re unconscious in that position her jaw would most certainly be a bit slack.

    Other than that small thing, fantastic effort all around!

  • I enjoyed this one a great deal also. Alias is a wonderful performer and as usual looks spectacular in Miss Freedom and Athena’s costumes (a real joy to see the latter again!) I like how Alias apparently comes across Malicia and Nemesis’s confab while she’s on her way to a nightclub. She gets KO’d in the Miss Freedom costume, then has a fantastic pass-out as Athena before the promised chloroform takedown. We had a glimpse of Alias performing a drugged faint in the Lady Nemesis video, but this time she gets to do a classic chloroform scene and nails it, struggling in Nemesis’s implacable grip as Malicia’s tender shushing carries her to the arms of Morpheus. The final shot in full straps is the icing on the cake.
    Malicia is devilishly superb, as always.

  • Gilslug II says:

    Love Malicia Devine’s character. Definitely epitomizes the old saying “if you love what you do; you’ll never have to work a day in your life”…dispatches the Elite Force girls with such malicious glee…Alas, poor Alias; not having a good couple of weeks. The Athena costume was a real treat for longtime NGC fans as well…

  • Bit ‘o spoilers for the video, so don’t read the following if you haven’t watched and don’t want any info on it.

    I held off commenting this week because my expectations were SO high after the first preview, I didn’t want to overblow something that I might not have met such lofty hopes. However, this is pure class. I’ve perhaps liked the direction that other videos have gone, but this one overall, in my opinion, is exactly what exemplifies this site to its fullest, and greatest.

    I’ll start with Alias, who seems to be our favorite of the new recruits thus far. I’ll go even further; she is creeping up on or already belongs among the greats; Bluebird, Deceptress, Celestia… (not to take anything away from the other gals, they’re all fantastic, but that group seem to be the consensus favorites). She is exceptional. Not only incredibly gorgeous, but I am very stunned/impressed/taken with how well she does fight choreography. Just absolutely stellar stuff. In a video that has Malicia Devine, who is probably my all time favorite performer of yours, Alias even outshines her!

    Speaking of Malicia, she has maybe a bit less to do here, but is no less phenomenal. If everything is directed, then kudos to y’all – you know that character incredibly well and bring the absolute best out of her. If she improvises at all, well then that just shows what a star she truly is (she’s a star no matter what and you guys do, and great directing as well!). The way she sloooowy reaches down and draws out the rag from her boot. The “shhh”’ sounds she makes. The subtle stroking of the hair once Alias is knocked out. All so perfect. Again, maybe not as much theatrics as one might expect from a Malicia vid, but she knocks every bit of acting she does out of the park.

    And lastly, Nemesis, about whom all I can say is that less is more. I love seeing him because you know immediately that it’s instant doom for the heroine. You know what’s coming, it’s never close, and it’s exactly what you need from time to time. He has his few quips, but it’s mostly about getting the job done (and presumably getting that payday). He’s like the Dexter of NGC; quick, clean, efficient.

    To close, I’ll say again that there are certainly videos you guys have done that go down a path I like more, but overall, this is one of the most well rounded videos I’ve seen you do. From the actors, to the story, to the directing. A big bravo.

    Sorry this was a bit lengthy, and thank you for attending my Ted Talk 🙂

  • I’ll echo the statements the others have already voiced.
    This was a great video and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    This video also brought to mind the character of Magenta, who’s story was just getting going when she dissappeared.
    It dawned on me that Alias might be a good vessel to help further that storyline on a little more.
    ….just hope I’m not too late in relating that idea.
    Also took the opportunity to pick up the two part Celestia adventure “Visitor” and really enjoyed that one, too.
    Not 100% sure why I didn’t get it when it came out.
    Anyway, thanks NGC. These stories were really worth the effort this time around.
    Bravo and applause and to all involved in these particular productions.

  • I’m very pleased that everyone enjoyed it so much. I’m not too surprised because everyone on screen did a really good job, and the way things pan out here is usually popular. Thanks to all who bought it.

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