Season 1 Episode 1: Storyline

As a character, Powerstar is one of the more interesting that we have – the way that she came to the attention of the fledgling Elite Force in the beginning, her general attitude to her job, and the very real way that her power was more curse than blessing. I would say that she is as ripe for a prequel series as anyone we have devised. I have often thought about doing that for characters, but right now it isn’t possible as we are forging ahead with the main story. Perhaps I will do it in comic book form and extend to live-action when we can… an aspiration.

Episode One finds Powerstar in a reasonably desperate place, as her power is forcing her to be permanently working so as to avoid dangerous seizures. Clearly Elite Force are milking this situation rather than helping it. For them, a key operative who is always visibly in the field is a great thing – but it appears they have done little to help her in understanding her power and negating its dangerous side effects. This is the chink in their armour that Red Mist have been waiting for.

The thing to remember about this episode – and broadly the whole of Season One – is that Red Mist have some serious unfair advantages over Elite Force. Firstly, Elite Force don’t even know Red Mist exist to begin with, and secondly, Red Mist leaders can get access to Elite Force files. From there they were able to determine that Powerstar is over-worked and discontented. To make the whole thing a perfect fit, Rain – AKA John Roman – has a power of his own which is very compatible with hers. The risk for Red Mist is that Powerstar refuses to do any kind of deal with Rain… it is a gamble, because she has nothing in her past to indicate disloyalty to the Elite Force cause.

If Rain cannot convince her, then it’s really not a huge problem for Red Mist – they just need to find another way in. John/Rain won’t kill Powerstar because Elite Force are extremely popular with the public in the early part of Season One. The death of a front-line member would only increase sympathy, something he is mindful of right up to the very end of the season. If Powerstar does not turn, then her seizures will grow bigger and bigger – all that needs to happen is for a seizure to kill members of the public, and then Elite Force would be damaged. Her compliance to John/Rain’s plan is not imperative therefore, but having her grow dependent upon the man most invested in bringing about the end of Elite Force is the most useful outcome.


  • I am to you since the beginning of your site and I wished leave a comment for POWERSTAR.

    POWERSTAR, was my preferred heroin of your first episodes and I regret a little that it is not any more in the episodes, even if obviously, one sees it β€œdying” in his last episode.

    Do you know what becomes this actress? And do you think one day of making return POWERSTAR, with a scenario miracle, in an episode or more? πŸ™‚ (I ask the case or, even if I think that the chances are tiny) πŸ™‚

    In any case I continue to follow you and I wish you a good continuation.

    And I forgot, good and happy years 2014 to you all and to all of you.

    • Thanks. I think it’s unlikely because she was last seen getting her power drained by various tubes, it didn’t turn out well for her.

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