Season 1 Episode 3: Storyline

The plot of Episode Three was the beginning of an arc that for various reasons we couldn’t fully explore in live-action. We tied it up fairly neatly in the comics, but in reality we would probably have had a further two or three episodes involving these characters – a lot of dealing with Golden Hornet’s guilt, and the Man in Black trying to find ways of bringing his sister back. Golden Hornet’s fight with Suki Deluxe in Comic Issue #2 was also likely to take place in live-action, but alas was not possible.

In Episode Three then, we see Gemini being used by Red Mist to film Golden Hornet without her mask – a pretty simple task to fulfill. This is why the Man in Black has taken to bag-snatching – a ruse to lead the Hornet into that particular room. She finds the camera equipment but does not realise this is a set-up of any kind, so leaves it alone. Throughout the fight the two Gemini twins are looking to unmask her, but since they are ‘goodies’ they come to the conclusion that it’s not the right course of action.

The Woman in White is terminally ill and Red Mist have made promises to use their technology to save her. But when tragedy strikes, and Hornet lashes out in self-defence, the Woman in White’s illness causes her to have an unexpectedly violent reaction to the mild toxicity of Golden Hornet’s stinger.

The death of his sister throws the Man in Black into a rage that provides Red Mist with a clear shot of an unmasked Golden Hornet Рbut more importantly, they have also caught her committing murder on camera! Of course Red Mist already knew her true identity, but proof was required for public consumption. And now they have an excellent tool for blackmail, too.

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