Season 1 Episode 4: Film Shoot

This one was pretty tricky… there have not been many trickier. I have to say that we are always tighter on time than we would like. I think if we finished everything with ease and several hours to spare, we would worry that we’d made a huge mistake. This one had many problems though. We started shooting very late because there had been a mix up with microphones, and consequently we didn’t have one aside from that which was attached to the camera. It was a Sunday and the shoot was in a bit of a sleepy town, so we didn’t have the option to solve this problem. Much stress.

The scene, though it all takes place in one room, is very intricate. There were a lot of fight phrases between Jade Vendetta and Athena, and even when slowed down at the point of The Peacemaker’s entrance, there was a lot more to think about than I had considered. I had done a very poor job of translating what I wanted in terms of costume, and we had to muddle Jade’s costume together with extra bits and pieces that had been brought. Thankfully it works quite well, with the flash of green on black. The costume we had up to then looked more like she belonged in Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood – not what we wanted for our arch-villainess!

Ultimately it did get finished, but there were lessons learned about what the limitations are, and how quickly we can reasonably do things, which have since stood us in good stead. So, maybe it was worth it… maybe. I have to praise the actors though, as they were brilliant on such a taxing and exhausting shoot.

As for the sound, here’s a bit of trivia: every single line of dialogue in this film was re-dubbed two weeks later, and I bet you wouldn’t know if I hadn’t just told you. Episode Four has a hell of a lot going for it, and I think it’s worth checking out if you haven’t already. It’s also about our cheapest full episode available to buy, so CLICK HERE to find out more!

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