Season 1 Episode 4: Storyline

And back into the mists of time we go… just what were Red Mist up to when facing off against a Goddess? Throughout the first season we learn about the value of planning. To be victorious on the battlefield you need to understand which parts of your opponent’s arsenal are most dangerous, and which can be most easily neutralised. If you have the element of surprise, you place a specialist unit against an opponent unit that cannot deal with them.

In Episode Four of the first season we have Athena, a woman who can endlessly heal herself or others by placing her hands on any wound. Up against her we have Jade Vendetta, who can easily cause wounds with her daggers and rapier (this is why she has the nickname ‘Jade the Blade’). Making a mess of Athena is great fun for Jade, but essentially a waste of time… lest Athena be restrained and unable to place her healing hands on any of her wounds.

This is where The Peacemaker comes in. He has that name since everything tends to go a bit still and quiet in his presence.┬áJade and The Peacemaker together make a unit that would be capable of killing Athena, but that isn’t really what they want. Aside from the battles in Season One, we also have the politics. A grand popularity contest. At this early stage of proceedings, none are more popular than the Mighty Miss Freedom, but if anyone runs her close then it’s Athena.

Were the Goddess to die there would be an outpouring of sympathy for Elite Force, so the orders are to scare Athena into retirement. Athena is brave, but may well be wavering when her best pal Miss Freedom appears. Here we see the real target of Jade’s anger. If only there were a plan to destroy her…

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