Season 1 Episode 5: Film Shoot

The shoot for Episode Five took place on July the 4th 2010. I had personally had virtually no sleep the night before due to someone slamming doors throughout the night. If I ever see them again, I may just slam a door on their head! Anyway, that’s by the by. It was one of those lovely summer days in London where you had a fair amount of regret that you had chosen to make an entire film indoors for the whole day.

We had some issues early on, as I had as usual forgotten certain features about the location, such as skylights. It sounds like quite an oversight, because it is. Therefore we lost an hour getting the owner to go up a ladder and onto the roof to black them out. Once this was achieved we got down to the job of filming what had been written. I personally took a very ‘hands off’ role in this particular shoot and it was the smallest crew/ensemble we have had since, with only 6 people present.

There was not much fighting in this episode and primarily we were concerned with getting the reactions we wanted. I may sound like a broken record but the two main actors made life very easy by understanding the script and delivering whenever we required them to. This took a lot of the pressure off, but still the time disappeared. I must say I was pretty unhelpful and just complained about time slipping away rather than really pushing things forward.

Unlike the previous shoot we weren’t hit by any particular technical bad luck, and just worked through the script thoroughly. I think at whatever level you are shooting a film you just won’t have time left over if you are doing it properly; you will always push your luck, as we always seem to. By the end, although we were tired it had still been probably the most enjoyable shoot to date – one I certainly needed after Episodes Three and Four.


  • Loved this episode, would love to see a sequel to this one with the same players.
    Could be like the comeback of Dr Truth where again he takes control of Miss Freedom.
    With things going a bit further maybe, we can live in hope at least lol
    This actress is so hot & love her costume & the sexy flat boots (makes her look a bit more vulnerable) than high heels.

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