Season 3 Episode 7: First Previews

Here are the first previews for Season 3 Episode 7: WARPATH. Bluebird was rescued by the Liberty Alliance and John Roman while she was left to rot by her former group Elite Force. Now she wants revenge and her first call is on Celestia who is being kept as a ‘guest’ at John Roman’s pleasure.

ngc_s3ep07_sneakpreview01 ngc_s3ep07_sneakpreview28 ngc_s3ep07_sneakpreview25 ngc_s3ep07_sneakpreview22 ngc_s3ep07_sneakpreview19 ngc_s3ep07_sneakpreview16 ngc_s3ep07_sneakpreview13 ngc_s3ep07_sneakpreview10 ngc_s3ep07_sneakpreview07 ngc_s3ep07_sneakpreview04


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