Second Chance: Angel

OUT TOMORROW! Your second (and likely final) chance to get a copy of ‘Angel: Mind Battle’ from the ‘One Chance Series’ of 2012/13. Angel meets a villain who has similar mind-controlling powers to her, and they battle it out over who is mightiest. In one ending she floors her foe… In the other she becomes his mind slave! You get both! Open tomorrow’s email if you like the look of this.


  • May you give me some introduction of angel.I’ve very like her with long hair.If you can,i will wish you give some video with angel to me.Thank you!

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      Sorry, the sales of the videos keeps the project alive, so I don’t give away free stuff. If you want a free video we have Season 2 Episode 1 available for free, but Angel isn’t in it I’m afraid.

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Jason – Pretty much. I don’t know how to contact her anymore to even ask her to come back. But I’m grateful for the times we got to shoot anyway.

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