Secret Destroyer – Final Previews

Out NOW for Members, Sunday on this website… Alias is lured into peril by a series of notes, like some kind of twisted Easter egg hunt. But instead of chocolate, she gets a powerful Drone, hellbent on destroying her! She gamely fights it in plain clothes but finds she cannot stop it and changes to Lady Victory form. However, even with greater strength she is still getting pummelled! Lastly, she moves to her new form of Shadowstar… Perhaps she can drain its power? She needs to act quick though, because the metal monster is wearing her out!


  • Not ashamed to say I had my e-mail open waiting for this one.

    And it. Was. Worth it.

    This has to be one of the most fast-paced Assert flicks I’ve watched. Alias and the Drone look like they put A TON of work into this, I’m definitely going to have to replay it a few times to catch everything.

    Without spoiling too much, this video has back-and-forth fighting, various KOs, choking, a bearhug, and if you’re a fan of belly punching there’s one scene that’s going to drive you wild. The only thing that’s missing is an unmasking, but for me, I don’t ever want to see Alias’ face covered up by a mask so that’s a plus for me.

    Seriously though, I cannot stress how fast this episode moves. It is just non-stop. You have been warned.

    Jeez… I didn’t even mention Alias looking fantastic in THREE different outfits as you’ve seen from the preview pics. The boots alone make it worth a buy. Phew… *fans self*

    There are win and lose endings and both are just fantastic. Alias plays out both scenarios beautifully. I don’t think it’s too early to call her one of the Assert greats. I said it.

    I’m gonna need to see more of Alias as Shadowstar, that’s for sure, so let’s make that happen, k???

    Thanks for all the hard work you all put into these videos. Another winner!

    • Are there a lot of facepunching on Alias in this video? The amount of facepunching suffered from an heroine, especially a longhaired pretty as Alias, is what makes or breaks a video for me. I find both wrestling rolling about , back breaking and and belly punching to be boring as all hell. It’s whena fight is about fistcuffs facepunching that itn gets intesting and dynamic. NGC always has dantastic actresses that perform amazing takig facepunchings yet soemhow often underpresents that type of fighting in their videos, which is peculiar to say the least.

      • Hmm, I think if you are into face-punching, then you will definitely enjoy this video. It’s definitely more striking than wrestling.

        Keep in mind though, face-punching is not something I put too much of an emphasis on so what might be enough face-punching for me might not be enough for you 🙂

        I think Alias does a great job getting socked in the face! And one of the endings definitely feels like it would be right up your alley. I would lean towards checking it out for yourself, of course, but again I’d remind that mileage may vary when it comes to this particular aspect of the video

        Good luck with your decision!

        • Cheers man, for your reply. I appreciate it a lot.
          My issue is that i have to think a lot befome i comit to buying something, anything, all the time.
          I’m making savings because one day i’m interested to do a custom order from this site. Alias or the New Marvelette are my prospect heroines to star and hopefully it gets accepted.

          • No problem, love those potential custom choices. Either will choice of actress/character will be fabulous, I’m sure.

            Perhaps Alias AS Marvelette??? O_O

      • One move being repeated isn’t dynamic. I’m not choreographing the fights to annoy you, we do loads of face punches.

        • Hello, thanks for your input coment.
          I made my previous query/coment completely out of my love for this site and the performeers in it. What i like about this i really love it.
          I have seen quite a few facepunching only fights (elsewhere like at FG2K) where they are not static at all.
          If that type of fight has a choreography where the fight hapens all over the room, where the strikes make the characters spin and get thrown about, and if the fight looks ferocious, then it’s not boring at all, as i see it.
          I believe that, for a lark, a few of those type of fights could feature in your fine site as a sort o breaking the mould once a while, as counter-programing, that sort of thing. Like sometimes in movie franchose where soemtiems a more gritty episode happens in the mids of the more traditionally elegant norm to spice things up.
          This is my food for though. I wouldn’t borther with if i didn’t liked this site so much, mind you. Cheers.

  • Wow! Amazing video, just as I knew it would be.
    I always expect great things from an Alias video, yet even then, she still somehow always manages to exceed my expectations.

    I agree with every word that Clutchking said about it. The performances, choreography and action were all top class. (Yes, Deckard, I’d say there was quite a lot of punches to the face in this one… not to mention a few crowbars to the face, too. But there was plenty of other stuff in there too to keep it varied)
    I really loved the new location too.

    And to top it off another wonderful Alias photo set (the second this week 😀 ) that perfectly showcases everything I love about her.
    I predicted back in January that she’d be this years MVP, and this is even more proof.

  • I think this video shows how athletic and flexible the Alias actress is. Just watching all of the fight moves and scenes made me tired 🙂

  • Man, yet another incredibly entertaining video with Alias. At this point, she’s joined the list of heroines that pretty much guarantee that a video is going to be great.
    Other comments on this post do a good job singing the praises of the video, but I will add that seeing Alias in her Shadowstar form was just as fantastic as I was anticipating. He may be a depraved, egomaniacal, merciless rampaging robot, but I’m on board with Killscapes’s never-ending mission to keep the memory of the Fail-Safe Sisters alive.

  • Chiming in with more praise on this one – a combination of beautiful heroine with superb reactions, violent and relentless combat, and a fresh new setting. Alias really is a special recruit, and almost up there with my GOAT, Athena.

    Truly excellent job all round. A must buy, particularly for fans of striking.

    Just one minor criticism which I’ve not seen mentioned before, so perhaps I’m alone in this but… in my opinion some of the striking sound effects aren’t great – they dont sound very realistic/good quality and I sometimes find that distracting. I’m really talking about the face strike sound effect in particular, which I think is as old as the series. I wonder if thought could be given to updating it…


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