Sell or Destroy? – Final Previews

Out already for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… Alias has been lured into a trap by the Masked Man, who must decide for himself whether or not she should be sold or destroyed. Having multiple powers makes her valuable and worth selling, but her exists devalues all other heroines he has. What to do? Maybe put her through a terrible poisoning ordeal and make her choose for him? Whatever the outcome, is Alias loses it is slavery or death! (Yes, really.)


  • Awesome video!!!!
    I may be biased, since she’s tied as one of my all-time favourites (and she’s nicely tied in this video too 😉 ), but Wow! Alias’s performance was phenomenal.
    Amazing action. High stakes.
    Another in a long line of fantastic Alias videos. And a wonderful photo set too.
    Not to be missed 🙂

  • This is one of those where after you see the trailer you just know its going to rock. Tremendous release. Alias is great throughout, but I think everyone knows that was going to be the case. I want to give props to the character of the Masked Man. While other villains, like Killscape or Malicia, may be more entertaining, the Masked Man is, for my money, just the best at being a villain. And he doesn’t even need to show his face…er….mask in this one! Great writing with him.

  • Overall I liked this one. There was a story to it that set up the actions parts. Alias was great in the fight scenes. It was nice to see the Bluebird outfit again and the chains are always a must have. The Alt ending gives this one a bit more of an edgy feel to it.

  • I like Alias but some costumes, characters and actresses are just too iconic to be copied, immitated or replaced.

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