Shining Spirit in The Danger Room – 189 Photo Set

This 189 Photo Set is a perfect accompaniment to the main video; ‘Shining Spirit in The Danger Room’ as we get lot’s of posed solo shots of the wonderful heroine as well as action shots of all the perils she faces in the video. You’ll definitely enjoy this set, but you’ve got to be a Member to get access that only comes in TOMORROW’s email. If you aren’t a Member you’ll need to sign up right now or miss this set for a LOOOONNNNNGGGG time.


  • So, I got this and I have to say it was kind of funny.
    I played it and it immediately thought we were going to get two heroines. The title card says “Shining Spirit in the Danger Room” which dissolves into “Captain Liberty in the Danger Room”. I was like Wow, are we getting two heroines in this?

    But alas no. I’m assuming that dissolve into Captain Liberty was an error made during production.

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