Solaris – 224 Photo Set

We welcome the amazing Solaris into the fold with not just a stunning debut video, but also a HUGE 224 Photo Set available for Members who open TOMORROW’S email! It contains many excellent solo posed shots and also action against Doctor Progress. If you still aren’t a Member and you want this, you need to sign up before the email goes out in under 24 hours. Membership gives you access to around 100 photo sets that normal people don’t see. You get new releases on this site early and at discount, Member Gift videos also AND it is FREE!


  • Look at her hair! Wouldn’t look out of place in a Charlie’s Angels episode. Casting her as a sun-oriented heroine is a masterstroke.

  • I love the costume design and the colors choice. Kinda reminds me Sonica’s blue and gold. Could be Solaris from Assertia planet as well? Idk but aparently blue and gold has been always necessary on Earth. And gosh, this actress can be easily the visual representation of the ‘beauty’ word from my dictionary. This heroine looks great!

  • Searched my entire email looking for the NGC notice. Inbox, spam folder, etc.
    Literally tearing my hair out looking for the announcement for this video.
    …..imgaine the depression upon my realization that I was a day early. =(

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