SQUASH: A Wondrous Fall – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website… Wonderstrike appears in her first ‘Squash Series’ video, and therefore receives a complete and utter butt-kicking from Nemesis. Worse still, defeat will see her sold to the sinister ‘Baron Nightfall’, this is a total disaster for our heroine!


  • Awesome video, with an incredible performance from Wonderstrike. As CEEJ said above, she’s been on fire recently.
    Lots of tremendous action, and plenty of crawling away in fear 😀
    And I’m loving these references to the Baron. Whether we’ll see him some day, or if he’ll remain an off-screen threat, it’s all good.

  • Archie Cook says:

    Good video buy 75 to 80 percent win and lost right now there’s no superheroines just super loosers why I haven’t been getting more videos

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