SQUASH: Darkness Himself – Final Previews

Out already for Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… Our ‘Squash’ series is officially inaugurated with Ubiquity running into a sadistic villain called Acolyte whose hobbies include; power-stealing, torturing, and fly-fishing. A very tough assignment for Ubiquity!


  • Overall it was good. Acolyte is an interesting villain who uses a lot of different ways to defeat Ubiquity. Having Ubiquity in chains was great too. Thanks for the great vid ! 🙂

    • It was good but I wouldn’t call it a squash. Captain ordinary, now that’s a video that’s actually a “squash” it was a good video but little misleading with the title

  • I thought this was amazing, easily a top 10 all timer for me. Ubiquity is my favorite character, I love the concept of the low strength heroine (with a cool power) who is always outclassed by her opponents, though given how the actress imbues her with grit and determination, you wouldn’t really know it. Just makes for a rather compelling character in my eyes.

    Loved the first appearance of Acolyte too, he’s got some killer lines, powers like a sith lord, and I eagerly await any future appearances he’ll make.

  • Yipes! Acolyte really is a nasty, sadistic piece of work! … I look forward to seeing more of him 😀
    Excellent video. Very intense! Once again, Ubiquity gives an incredible central performance. The chair-tied scenes, where things got a little brutal, were particularly well acted.
    Awesome photo-set too.

  • I don’t have much to add to what previous comments have said, but this is a really good video highlighting how excellent the Ubiquity actress is. She’s very expressive and imbues the character with a lot of energy and commitment. Makes for an intense encounter.
    It’s also the first appearance (outside of photos) of new villain Acolyte. His style resembles Nemesis a bit (black hood and mask, deep voice, a collection of mysterious powers) but he’s got an intriguing MO: trapping and stealing powers from heroines. That’s a lot more interesting to me than what a lot of villains do, and makes him a serious threat to heroines. That plus his enthusiasm for causing pain! Nasty character.
    Very nice photoset as well. Ubiquity’s very likeable, even in stills, lots of presence.

    • Yes, I’m pleased people enjoyed it. She is a really terrific actress, one of the best we’ve used.

      As for Acolyte. Yeah, he seems a bit like Nemesis, but I would make a couple of points of difference. Nemesis is generally a contract hire doing a job, he doesn’t necessarily enjoy the work, Acolyte does. A lot. Nemesis is invincible, he was developed really as a joke, which is why he doesn’t exist in the main story. He will never lose. I have had custom offers that involved him losing and turned them down. Acolyte can lose (not easily), and is therefore a credible character who could be in Story videos if we want.

      • Yeah, that’s what I was getting at with regard to Acolyte. He’s got a passing resemblance to Nemesis, but it’s only surface. He’s a different kind of villain with lots of potential, seems to me, and can play a very interesting role, however he’s used.

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