SQUASH: Test of Faith – Final Previews

OUT ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website… Shining Spirit is pushed to the edge by Nemesis, will she break and go over to the dark side? Or will her faith win out, even though the battle may be lost. This is a part of our Squash Series, the outcome of the fight is a certain Nemesis victory.


    • I agree. 100%
      This video is one of best in a while and up there with some of the greatest videos of the NGC universe. It’s impossible to rank them as there have been so many really great videos over the years from NGC. But this one would have to be on any list you are making.

  • Probably my favourite Shining Spirit video yet. She gives an amazing performance, as she puts her faith on the line.
    And while it’s definitely the squashiest of one-sided squashes, she still gets plenty of opportunities to show off her skills (even if they don’t do any good against Nemesis)… and Wow, this actress is just flat-out incredible at all the physical stuff. That flip up the wall was incredible. As was the moment when Nemesis was controlling her to sit back up, before continuously kicking her back down again. Everything was amazingly choreographed and performed.

    Nemesis was great too. He had a lot of fun dialogue, and props to the actor, whose movements and gestures really added a ton of character.
    Awesome ending too. It would be cool to see a continuation, with another heroine trying to stop Dark Spirit’s rampage.

    As well as being my favourite Shining Spirit video, it was probably also my favourite Shining Spirit photo-set. So many gorgeous shots of her in both costumes.

  • It was interesting to hear Nemesis’ take on him versus God. @Guido84 kind of pointed out the similarities before of Nemesis being similar to The Emperor from Star Wars – Return of the Jedi except the ending is different in this one for Shining Spirit 🙂 Great natural lighting for this vid. Overall a great film ! 🙂

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