SQUASH: We Meet Again – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website… There are fates that are actually worse than death, and Captain Liberty is facing such a fate in this video. With Nemesis having lured her into a trap so that he can complete a contract and deliver her to an alien race of perverts, she must fight for more than freedom. Though her efforts are valiant, Nemesis is extremely powerful, and he always completes his contracts. There isn’t masses of suspense here, but you are invited to see what happened, and you won’t want to miss it!


  • Outstanding!
    Captain Liberty is never short of excellent, and here she delivers another amazing performance. The action is intense, and the stakes are high, as the Captain fights an unbeatable foe.
    The highlight for me was the sequence near the end, where she’s so battered and beaten, she can’t even get back up of the floor.

    And with a gorgeous photo-set to accompany it, one not to be missed 🙂

  • Agreed, truly outstanding!
    Every once in a while a video comes out with a performer I love that’s so good, it feels like a swan song–a final, definitive statement of greatness before the end. I felt that way after “No Holds Barred” which wasn’t Miss Freedom’s last video, thankfully, and feel it again here. I very much hope this isn’t the Captain’s final appearance. This is my favorite squash video so far. In theory, one-sided squashes aren’t the most appealing idea to me, but Captain Liberty makes everything better (see Plan B, Prisoner, her Danger Room, I Become You, etc, etc.)
    Breeding stock for an alien monarchy sounds like a pretty bad fate, but avoiding it serves as a good motivator for Captain Liberty to put up a terrific, energetic fight against Nemesis. She’s never in command of this battle–it’s clear from the start that she’s got no chance–but she fights so hard and is so determined that it doesn’t seem like jobbing. Her determination and effort don’t matter, though, because by the halfway point she’s just a punching bag and along the way she treats us to a lot of her magnificent facial expressions : resolute, frustrated, scared, dazed, agonized, cowed.
    This isn’t a knockout showcase like “Captain Ordinary” but she is KO’d a couple of times to terrific effect. By the end, of course, Cap is thoroughly beaten, seemingly broken. Despite Nemesis saying he’d bring her to Sardrax unconscious if necessary, I like that she’s still awake when he lifts her to make the jump. She’s just too defeated to do anything.
    The photoset is beautiful as well, with some different perspectives and a couple of scenarios that aren’t in the video.

  • Nemesis shows why he has a 100 % customer satisfaction rating. There’s some neat scenes like Captain Liberty punching what sounds like a bag of cloth, Nemesis making good use of a metal support rod,…Overall a great beatdown video ! 🙂

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