STORY: Adjustments – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, and Sunday for everyone else on this website… The Guardian Angels explode in ‘Adjustments’, as Lady X is brought before her remaining teammates for ‘friendly’ questioning. Patriot-Girl can’t stay friendly for long however, and soon fists are flying between the three women. All three have formidable powers, and using them to the fullest extent has devastating consequences!


  • So what drew me in to NGC all those years ago and kept me coming back was the commitment to story but more importantly to me, character. And character was on full display here. I’m going to avoid spoiling what happens, but all 3 did a phenomenal job here. This might have been the best Lady X appearance yet (which I’m pretty sure I said about her previous story release w Acolyte). Absolutely felt the despair in the beginning turning to desperation as the stakes were laid out by Patriot Girl. And speaking of, she was in her glory here as the character I love to hate the most. Shining Spirit got to show out during the fight with some awesome moves, and while it seemed like she was trying to play the good cop early, her zealous nature pulled her into the fight pretty quickly.

    The one thing I will say about the end is that, while I imagined a bunch of different ways for it to play out, I didn’t see this one coming! There’s going to be fallout for some people after this one for sure, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Yes, I’m very pleased with all 3 of them. Heroine v Heroine (if that’s what this is) videos are hard to pull off in many ways, but some great performances here.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Don’t mind me, I’m just here from some cake. *Cue awkward laughter*.

      Seriously though, Shinning Spirit must work glutes like five times a week to be having that kind of bakery on her. Not that I’m complaining because her body fire!….. *cue awkward laughter once again*

  • A must buy for fans of NGC and superheroine peril content. Not only is the action good and the actresses beautiful, ‘Adjustments’ has also turned out to be a solid piece of storytelling in which information about the characters is conveyed through blocking and action choreography. I’d also dare say there’s an example of metaphorical symbolism, but I’d have to get into spoilers to explain what I mean there. Each character’s morality is explored in the film.

    Lady X is amazing. She is vulnerable, yet brave and resourceful, with a strong sense of right and wrong. Patriot-Girl is malicious and subscribes more to ‘might makes right’. Shining Spirit is a naïve fundamentalist who self-righteously accuses those of not being on her side as being compromised by darkness.

    One thing I love about outnumbered fight choreography done well is the outnumbered heroine eventually struggling to keep up with the pace, becoming exhausted, becoming a ping-pong ball for the opponents outnumbering her, and Adjustments is a fine example of that style of choreography.

    Despite all she’s been through already up to this point and despite being out-numbered and arguably out-powered, Lady X gives it her all, and those moments when it becomes too much for her are excellently performed. Best verbal expressions from getting beat on (like the strangulation noises) in the business. Even though I approach this type of media with a villain mentality, Lady X is so courageous in her circumstances you can’t help but root for her, she’s more morally centred than the other two – and ironically, these aspects make for a fantastic damsel that makes a villain-perspective minded fella like myself look forward to this cruel NGC world make her pay for her goodness. If that makes sense.

    Bravo to all involved!!

  • Interesting ending with this one but once again, Lady X proves herself, suprisingly, to be more than an adequate fighter (much like Ubiquity) as she makes a pretty good showing of herself here.
    Great video, and, as I’ve said before, always a good day when I get to see Patriot Girl in action again.
    Thanks NGC.

  • Fan-flipping-tastic!!!
    I echo what others have already said here, better than I could word it myself.
    Three amazing actresses and performers at the top of their game.
    The video also manages to perfectly showcase exactly what it is I love about each of the three characters.

    And lets not forget the gorgeous accompanying photo-set
    I believe this is the most heroines in one place for a long while….since ‘4-Way Elimination’ I think

  • A few days ago, in reacting to the preview pics for this video, I commented that I thought this looked to be an epic. I must admit, that was an understatement. This one may go down as an all-time classic! The three actresses portraying these lovely heroines gave nothing short of epic performances, both in terms of acting AND fight choreography. Each time I view a Lady X video, I find her utterly captivating in her beauty, grace, gutsy-ness, and vulnerability. Her performance in this video, as well as the performances of the actresses portraying Patriot Girl and Shining Star, was simply top-notch. A fascinating and fantastic video!

  • The action in this one was ‘Too Fast,Too Furious’. All 3 actresses were great. Some of the leg kicks from Shining Spirit on Lady X were amazing. The video also drops some breadcrumbs on what might happen in the future for Elite Force and the Guardian Angels. Overall a great vid ! 🙂

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