STORY: Adjustments – TRAILER

Out on FRIDAY for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Adjustments’ sees the Guardian Angels, or what remains of them, on a collision course, as Patriot-Girl and Shining Spirit attempt to interrogate an already tortured Lady X… who may be near breaking point.


  • Absolutely wonderful. I love the dire situation Lady X is in, the two against one action, and the performances look to deliver. I hope at the conclusion it’s an ongoing scenario for Lady X with still further to fall.

  • Shining Spirit delivering beatings is just wrong, i say, wrong. Shining Spirit should be taking beatings, not dishing them.

  • Charlie Zeng says:

    Oh man, Patriot-Girl turns dark-this is really amazing. Her vibe and feminity are most demonstrated on her vice side!

  • Man, I really can’t wait for this one. Patriot-Girl looking like a stone-cold b—- taking it to the “traitorous” Lady X, and Shining Spirit dishing it out a bit herself. I love seeing all these characters together. Maybe some day we can see a couple of them against a couple of Elite Force ladies.

  • Here I was holding out hope that Patriot Girl was, at worst, an arrogant but ultimately principled anti-hero. But nope, I guess she’s straight-up evil now lol.

  • This looks like an absolute epic!! Lady X looks like she is about to get the beating of her life! Cannot wait until Friday!

  • It was very interesting and different. In the preview I saw, I said that maybe it was a fight between friends. But again, this was different

  • I would just like to say again that this story line provides myriad story possibilities for Lady X’s old friend Sin. She has already exposed the greedy and vain and prideful true motivations behind the self-righteous Shining Spirit. She could do the same for the vain and entitled American brat Patriot Girl. A rescued Lady X could ungratefully start a fight in the vain hope of showing her “master” that she really is loyal; the envy and covetousness which motivate her would have to be used against her again, because it is unlikely that the naive and headstrong American brat could be convinced that she has been wrong about Killscape all along. And I say again, that Sin could turn the grating Acolyte’s anger and sadism on himself, reducing him to screaming in agony with his grating voice in endless self-inflicted torture. Finally, it would be fun to see that scheming weasel Killscape begging for mercy after being defeated and trapped by Sin”s manipulations, and along the way it would be fun to see him become increasingly fearful and paranoid as he hears of her victories and sends his minions out to deal with her.
    You do as you like with your characters, but those are just some thoughts.

    • I wholeheartedly endorse the idea of seeing much more of Sin. I also endorse the idea of playing with her ambiguous place on the moral continuum of NGC characters. We’ve seen her fight good girls (Galaxia), bad girls (Dominator), bad guys (Snare, briefly), and all three Guardian Angels, who also fall somewhere in-between, for the moment.
      I love the “strange bedfellows” twists that can arise in this genre and have in NGC’s past. There’s a ton of potential for that kind of thing now, with lots of characters it’s hard to be sure about. In addition to the Guardian Angels and Sin, who knows what side the Evervale brothers are on? What was going on with Darius Dread and Midnight? John Roman’s back on the scene? Solaris seems cool, but she’s not really on anybody’s team. Even Elite Force isn’t always on the up-and-up. It’s chaos!

      • I hope we can do it all justice. It’s a lot harder than it used to be to keep a group together but I hope I can maintain a somewhat coherent story.

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