STORY: Atomic Conversion – 1st Previews

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… The situation for Ex-Mayor Killscape is becoming a bit troublesome, and he needs to make changes. Lightstalker is very loyal, but in his view lacks the power required to be of any use, despite having the ability to create useful weapons, which he doesn’t seem to rate. She is to be fitted with a nuclear reactor to take over as the new Lady Atom… Lightstalker is against the idea, and begins to see Killscape for the ‘man'(?) he really is.


  • Awesome!
    I loved her in first appearances, where she was more of an antagonist, but I’ve been eager to see her get into some trouble herself… especially after all those recent awesome photo-sets she’s done. So I’m really excited for this one 🙂

    (I guess Killscape must have seen Lightstalker’s “Lady Atom” photo-set too, and it sounds like he was a fan 😉 )

  • There’s not much hope for her against Ex-Mayor… But I wouldn’t mind an alternative ending with Lighstalker fighting back.

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