STORY: Atomic Conversion – Final Previews

Out already for Members… Sunday for everyone else on this website… ‘Atomic Conversion’ sees a desperate Killscape round on his most loyal follower. Lightstalker just isn’t strong enough to fight the coming storm in his view, so he needs to cut her open. His insistence finally shows the young lady that her master may not truly have her best interests at heart!


  • Amazing video!!!
    This is exactly the kind of video I’ve been hoping to see Lightstalker star in for a while now, and she exceeded my expectations. The actress was outstanding, both in the dialogue scenes, where she learns just what kind of bad guy her master is, and in the action scenes. The fighting was faced paced and hard hitting. Lightstalker had a lot on the line, and the way the fight was choreographed and played absolutely sold that.
    Thumbs up for the special effect too. The light flash accompanying Lightstalker’s punch looked very effective.

    Of course, the alternative ending was awesome, but I’m glad the other ending was the real one. It leaves a lot of uncertainty with where the character will go from here, and I’m looking forward to seeing what direction you’ll go with her next.

    And a wonderful photo-set is the icing on the cake.

    • The chloro scene is about 25 seconds long and is mostly upper body ( ie no full body/leg kicking view). The overall video is good though as the fight scenes are well done by both actors. I’m thinking that this might lead to a Wonderstrike/Lightstalker or Wondestrike/Killscape future film as they mentioned Wonderstrike a few times at the beginning 🙂

  • Just watched! Lighstalker delivered a great performance as usual , and the Ex-Mayor is becoming my favorite villain. The ending really was satisfactory and somewhat unexpected. Great job ,guys!

  • So, I thought this one was pretty great. The stakes are laid out right in the beginning, and it adds some weight to the action. I feel like I had been more invested in the Elite Force side of the ongoing story, with the zombies and all, but between this episode and the Patriot Girl/Malicia confrontation, the Equilibrium side is really starting to pick up steam.

  • Lightstalker is a standout among the new additions to the talented cast. Beautiful, athletic, and strong performer in every aspect. So glad to see her again and hoping she gets more time in the spotlight. Both endings worked too. Win ending is great because she rocks her own costume so well. Lose ending is great because she sells the peril so well. Hope to see more of her soon!

  • Some very kind words, thanks to all who bought and enjoyed. It is out for everyone later today and I hope they’ve been encouraged by your words, some tremendous fighting in this!

  • I echo the others here with tremendous praise for Lightstalker. The current cast is filled with terrific performers, it’s hard to believe. As a longtime fan of the ex-Mayor it’s always great to see him and the fighting is excellent here. Fitting that Starshot’s swan song is the members gift, because that video was also a showcase for a lot of very high quality fighting.
    I really liked last week’s chloroform scene, but to answer the question above, I liked this one a lot too, but for different reasons. Marvelette’s scene was less energetic, she doesn’t struggle too much, but her eyes told the story. The Lightstalker scene this week has far more struggling and vigorous vocal protests. I loved them both, but YMMV.
    Killscape refers to Wonderstrike saving the world (the events of The Nest?) and credits Elite Force with the victory. I wasn’t sure whether Elite Force was still a going concern or if Wonderstrike were still in it, but either they are and she is or Killscape (and the public at large, perhaps) still think of them that way. The story has a lot of interesting threads right now and the Guardians story is maybe the most intriguing to me. Looking forward to what happens next.

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