STORY: Bargains – 1st Previews

This weekend the STORY continues in ‘Bargains’ – Having broken free from Malicia’s control, Vice finds herself not only with a Redstone locator but also a Redstone ring. Incapable of using them herself she looks for a buyer, which leads her to the Crown Prince himself. Vice has something she wants to give her total freedom, and the Crown Prince appears to be a willing buyer. However, he is not a trustworthy one as he sets his newest ally on Vice who must battle again for her new-found freedom. Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website.


  • Huge swing and a miss on my part in terms of guessing who Vice would sell her new toys to. Can I claim sympathy points for their being only two degrees of separation between the Mask Man and Alaric à la the Mask Man >> Crown Prince >> Alaric?

    But also this looks great. Nothing like a bad girl being crushed and put in her place. Can’t wait for Friday.

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