STORY: Dimensional Rip – Final Previews

OUT TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… Wonderstrike and her strong but inexperienced team mate Majesty have a very tough assignment. Arrest Requiem and now Anvil, while also working out how he made it back into the Earthly realm! Obviously the villains are going to resist arrest, but can the heroines really take them down?


  • I love videos where heroines team-up, and this was no exception. Wonderstrike and Majesty work so well together.
    Majesty was a delight. She was cocky, yet adorable with it (“Your backup has arrived!” 😀 ) which balanced nicely with Wonderstrike (terrific as always) as the more seasoned heroine.
    Hope to see them work together again.

      • Totally agree, heroine team-ups are extra special and this one is exceptional. I loved seeing the previously impetuous Wonderstrike demonstrating caution while new recruit Majesty barges in like a hurricane. These two make an excellent pair and it’d be great to see them team up again, but there are plenty of heroine duos who would work well together, I’m sure.

        • Same! I also enjoy watching Wonderstrike, the usually powerhouse, taking quite a beating while Majesty handles the two with relative ease. Perhaps it shows how Wonderstrike has become an aging heroine who can no longer use her blast whenever she wants.

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