STORY: Equilibrium – 1st Previews

After a few months off the Story returns! Things have changed a lot since the Crown Prince was shut away. It turns out that his existence is what kept many of the portals to dimensions open, and a lot of different people have been trapped on Earth who did not expect to be.

Meanwhile Elite Force are under a lot of scrutiny. The public are still reeling from Miss Freedom’s public defeat and humiliation, and many blame EF for all recent ills. No longer trusted to police greater threats independently, a new group called ‘Equilibrium’ have been formed to keep the peace and temper the heroines powers.

This is done by an injection taken at regular intervals. It is very controversial, and many of the Elite Force heroines are weighing up their options: 1) Take the injections, 2) leave Elite Force and continue to fight crime, 3) Retire from all heroic activity. Equilibrium have sent Professor Izquierda, one of the scientists responsible for the ‘treatment’ to administer it to a sceptical Candy Race. Will her powers be able to ‘Equalize’ its effects? That is what the Professor is determined to find out…


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